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Analysis of the Households Expenditures Structure in the Regions of the Slovak Republic PDF (English)
» Daniela Hupková, Veronika Mihálová, Ľudmila Dobošová
Detection of Outliers as a Possible Method of Accounting Fraud Revelation PDF (English)
» Marcela Hradecká
The Food Market in the Slovak Republic in Context of Nutritional Recommendations PDF (English)
» Iveta Zentková, Elena Hošková, Martin Richter
Innovation and Sustainability of Road Management System PDF (English)
» Miroslav Němec, Darja Holátová
Administrative Law Sanctioning after Recodification and its Influence on the Entrepreneur's Responsibility PDF (English)
» Martin Slobodník, Rudolf Hrubý
Comparison of Discrete and Continuous Model of Planned Cash-Flow in ERP Systems PDF (English)
» Petr Hanzal, Petr Chládek
Risks of IT Projects Analysed in Cases of DMS Implementation and their Generalization PDF (English)
» Jiří Homan
Data Envelopment Analysis within Evaluation of the Efficiency of Firm Productivity PDF (English)
» Michal Houda