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Strategies of small and medium sized enterprises according to size and business activities PDF (English)
» Pavlína Dalíková, Marie Duspivová
Intrapreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship as components of strategy for competitiveness PDF (English)
» Monika Barton, Lukáš Procházka
Business processes and indicators monitoring in small and medium-sized enterprises PDF (English)
» Pavel Fára, Drahoš Vaněček
Process maps in SMEs PDF (English)
» Jana Kubecová
Strategic management in microenterprises PDF (English)
» Monika Švárová
Quality management systems (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000) and strategic planning PDF (English)
» Adam Pawliczek, Radomír Piszczur
Classification of optimal control NGOs PDF (English)
» Milan Konečný
Situation in public accommodation establishments in the Olomouc region in time of the economic crisis PDF (English)
» Barbora Antonová
Most important process indicators for companies in South Bohemian region PDF (English)
» Martina Pyroutková, Jaroslav Vrchota
Customer relationship management as a key data source for building of strategies and processes of small and middle sized enterprises PDF (English)
» Aleš Kainz
What prefer customer at selection of gas supplier PDF (English)
» František Janáč
Consumer satisfaction with present communications on the social networks PDF (English)
» Otakar Ungerman
Competition in retailing and hospitality PDF (English)
» Hana Škarvadová
Innovation – current overview in the Czech Republic PDF (English)
» Jan Žahour
Business information systems in the management of the companies dealing with viniculture in Slovakia PDF (English)
» Erika Horňáková
Software acquisition process PDF (English)
» Matej Černý
Process of human resource management in small and medium sized businesses in South Bohemia PDF (English)
» Vlasta Doležalová
Comparison of different approaches to human development potential in two selected companies PDF (English)
» Jindřiška Průšová
Strategy in human resources management PDF (English)
» Irena Attlová
Eclectic theory of foreign direct investments in the global Economy and its possible extensions PDF (English)
» Pavlína Harušťáková
Methods of detecting the potential product PDF (English)
» Martin Štefko
Communal enterprises in structure of legal entities in the Czech Republic PDF (English)
» Filip Petrách
Effective delivery of public services by public enterprises PDF (English)
» Hana Kočková
Effects of changes in the legal parameters for the real economy of the non-profit-organization company view type PDF (English)
» Jana Dvořáková
Budget as a tool management of not-for-profit organization PDF (English)
» Miroslav Hálek
Rural municipalities development supported by the EU? PDF (English)
» Veronika Humlerová
Analysis of the selected operational programme in relation to the legal form of the applicant PDF (English)
» Renata Bednářová
Managerial-economic evaluation of selected crop production sectors PDF (English)
» Lucia Palkechová, Martina Čuliková
Flow debt of Slovak agricultural companies in the years 2000 – 2010 and common agricultural policy PDF (English)
» Zuzana Gallová
Possibilities of financial management of industrial corporations in South Moravian region PDF (English)
» Sylvie Riederová, Pavlína Pinková, Iva Sáblíková, Aneta Dobiášová
Case study: total cost of ownership (TCO) model in management of internal logistic processes PDF (English)
» Stanislav Koutný
Evaluation criteria of quality accounting data based on Saaty´s method and method of pair comparing PDF (English)
» Miroslava Vlčková
Theoretical examples of use of credit scoring PDF (English)
» Martin Klicnar