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Social effects of tourism in destination Český Krumlov PDF (English)
» Hana Škarvadová
Impact of global crisis on tourism PDF (English)
» Iveta Hamarnehová
Identification of important commodity areas of producers´ groups performance and related instruments of subsidies for strengthening of agricultural producer´s competitiveness in the Czech republic PDF (English)
» Jan Vavřina, Dana Martinovičová
World food problem and its impact on food markets PDF (English)
» Lucie Severová
Utilisation of IS/IT and business intelligence in slovak companies - selected survey results PDF (English)
» Anna Hamranová
Comparison of the select retail units of the Royal Ahold company on the slovak and dutch markets PDF (English)
» Ľudmila Nagyová, Zdenka Kádeková, Lukáš Bartko
The movement changes-form forces in wine sector PDF (English)
» Radka Šperková, Helena Hejmalová
Specific market analysis PDF (English)
» Jaroslav Hunkes, Richard Kafoněk
Conception of risk in the international trade PDF (English)
» Josef Polák, Michaela Beranová, Jakub Tabas
Importance, trend and current status of selected indicators of marketing processes in small and medium companies in the South bohemian region PDF (English)
» Monika Březinová, Jiří Sláma
Financial ratios and their prediction power to predict financial distress for SME in CZ PDF (English)
» Jan Adamec
Key factors of financial performance of agricultural enterprises PDF (English)
» Michaela Beranová, Marcela Basovníková
Dividend policies of the stock companies realized in the capital markets PDF (English)
» Radim Gottwald
The prosperity measured by productivity indicators of chosen agricultural enterprises at the level of NUTS1 region PDF (English)
» Martina Novotná, Jaroslav Svoboda
Technical analysis and market efficiency PDF (English)
» Petr Zeman, Martin Maršík
Decision-making criteria related to financial management of small and medium-sized enterprises managers PDF (English)
» Daniel Kopta
Communal enterprises in context of economic crisis PDF (English)
» Filip Petrách
Degree of financial leverage PDF (English)
» Marie Vejsadová Dryjová
Dismal legal form of court costs of the debt recovery of the financial claims videlicet is there another way? PDF (English)
» Jiří Písečka
Variation of revenues and expenditures of local government and the principle of subsidiarity PDF (English)
» Martin Štefko
Central system of accounting information of the Czech republic - the source of data for monitoring and analyzing indebtedness of municipalities PDF (English)
» Michal Svoboda
Effect of calculation methods of manufacturing overhad on profit in time PDF (English)
» Dana Plevková, Jindřiška Kouřilová
The methods of creative accounting in the czech accountancy legislation PDF (English)
» Zita Drábková
Ethics as a factor affecting the quality of financial data for the company PDF (English)
» Miroslava Vlčková
Business activities discount programs as an economic phenomenon PDF (English)
» Jindřiška Kouřilová
Innovation - factor affecting the competitiveness analysis of the hungarian small and medium sized enterprises PDF (English)
» Katarína Véghová
Limiting factors of innovations in the small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech republic PDF (English)
» Jakub Tabas, Michaela Beranová, Jan Vavřina
Competitivness of the Czech republic PDF (English)
» Josef Novák
Resources and risk classification in industrial companies PDF (English)
» Sylvie Riederová
Psychological aspects in managerial work PDF (English)
» Pavol Oravský
Implementing an effective inventory management system in manufacturing company PDF (English)
» Růžena Míková
The process of exercise the chosen indicators in production company PDF (English)
» Roman Kubíček, Radka Prokešová
Process management and organizational change PDF (English)
» Vladimír Štípek
Car sharing system in context of management mobility PDF (English)
» Jiří Alina
Human resources management in times of economic crisis PDF (English)
» Vlasta Doležalová
Labour market assertion of the economic universities graduates in crisis PDF (English)
» Radim Dušek
Social responsibility of small and medium sized enterprises influenced by economic crisis PDF (English)
» Pavlína Dalíková
Risk analysis of human resource management in small and medium enterprises PDF (English)
» Martin Pech
Implementing of Kanban system in project BMW E83 PDF (English)
» Růžena Míková
Strategy of small and middle sized enterprises PDF (English)
» Drahoš Vaněček
Comparison of different approaches to quality control process in two selected companies PDF (English)
» Dagmar Bednářová, Jaroslava Pražáková, Vilém Klíma
Economic crisis in business management PDF (English)
» Emil Svoboda
Region prosperity - category known or unknow? PDF (English)
» Ivana Boháčková, Libuše Svatošová
Living conditions of the inhabitans of the South bohemia region PDF (English)
» Libuše Svatošová, Ivana Boháčková
Methodological approaches to evaluation of development potential of chosen microregions PDF (English)
» Jaroslav Jánský
Regional perception of global challenges in five EU countries: economic crisis, environment and technology PDF (English)
» Miloslav Lapka, Jan Vávra
The future of the EU cohesion policy in programming period 2014 - 2020 and its influence on rural development PDF (English)
» Veronika Humlerová, Petra Pártlová
Administrative punishment under the conditions with commissioned local authority PDF (English)
» Rudolf Hrubý
Problems of implementation of LEADER program in MAS Malohont in the programming period 2007 - 2013 PDF (English)
» Zuzana Bohátová, Monika Bumbalová
The role of knowledge economy in terms of regional development PDF (English)
» Eva Cudlínová, Ladislav Rolínek
Statistical analysis of living and social standard of population in the regions of the Czech republic PDF (English)
» Jaroslav Dufek, Bohumil Minařík
Services for entrepreneurs in central europe PDF (English)
» Dagmar Škodová Parmová
Evaluation of present situation in agricultural employment in the Slovak republic PDF (English)
» Patrik Rovný, Dušan Dobák, Roman Récky
Usage of EU funds as effective support tool of diversification under conditions of SR and regions PDF (English)
» Veronika Tóthová, Milan Fiľa
Regional marketing - a tool of regional development PDF (English)
» Denisa Jánošová
Creative industry as a potentional tool to improve the leading economies profitable and non-profitable organisations PDF (English)
» Jana Dvořáková
Level of innovative efficiency of the Slovak republic and SME in SR PDF (English)
» Milan Fiľa, Ľubica Rumanovská
Rural municipalities´ typology according to their population development PDF (English)
» Renata Klufová, Ivana Faltová Leitmanová, Eva Cudlínová, Milan Jílek, Ladislav Rolínek
Impact of structural funds implementing on economics prosperity of the region Komárno in the context of the labour market PDF (English)
» Machová Renáta
Problems of small municipalities in drawing of EU funds PDF (English)
» Jana Žlábková
Irreversible model of gasoline price adjustment in Slovakia PDF (English)
» Karol Szomolányi, Martin Lukáčik, Adriana Lukáčiková
Model for security alert procesing in monitoring phase of information security management system PDF (English)
» Ladislav Beránek, Jiří Knížek, Radim Remeš
Theory of duality in operational analysis PDF (English)
» Jan Získal