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Factors forecasting financial distress PDF (English)
» Jan Adamec
The Intensity of road transport in connection with region development PDF (English)
» Jiří Alina
The impact of economic and political development on the media in Slovakia during years 2002 – 2010 PDF (English)
» Božena Baluchová
Current Developments in Accounting PDF (English)
» Radana Fichnová
Theoretical principles of taxation – analysis and their impletion near Law taxation from immovables PDF (English)
» Petra Kolářová
Statutory rate influence on effective income taxation of corporations PDF (English)
» Ivana Koštuříková
The model case of used working time by academic workers PDF (English)
» Tomáš Kotrba, Jiří Omelka
Public procurement and bearer shares - Legislative Changes in the Czech Republic PDF (English)
» Martina Krásnická, Rudolf Hrubý
Current development in life insurance market in Czech Republic PDF (English)
» Petra Molková
Disparities on Regional Level – Causes, Theoretical Approaches PDF (English)
» Filip Petrách
The validity of the arbitration clause in the consumer´s contract PDF (English)
» Jiří Písečka
How to finance agricultural enterprise? PDF (English)
» Jan Richter
Cross-border Alternative Dispute Resolutions PDF (English)
» Alena Srbová
Determination of the czech accounting in a historical context PDF (English)
» Iris Šimíková
Monetary policy and regions PDF (English)
» Michal Šulc
Investment evaluation using net present value and factors` changes influence to the investment making decision PDF (English)
» Veronika Uličná
Economy of agricultural enterprises as a result of subsidies PDF (English)
» Marie Vejsadová Dryjová
Public Service’s Options in Crisis Management PDF (English)
» Barbora Antonová
Consumer behaviour of generation Y in the context of sustainable consumption PDF (English)
» Pavlína Dalíková
Quality of services, human resources management in hotel industry PDF (English)
» Marie Duspivová
Developing skills of the students of the Faculty of Economics, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice PDF (English)
» Radim Dušek
Management of change and complexity theory PDF (English)
» Pavlína Horušťáková
The growing influence of the Chinese economy on the EU market PDF (English)
» Ondřej Hůrský
The Forms of Support of Innovative Companies in Finland and United Kingdom PDF (English)
» Martin Kešner
Selected aspects of human resource management in pharmaceutical services in the Czech republic PDF (English)
» Martin Kohel
Organic products in the Czech Republic PDF (English)
» Anna Krausová
Supplier evaluation PDF (English)
» Jana Kubínová
Effect of adaptation of workers to company performance PDF (English)
» Václav Kupec, Otto Hain
Grantaided prices of parcel service PDF (English)
» Vít Mejda
The role of corporate culture to implement organizational strategy PDF (English)
» Radomír Piszczur
Human capital as a factor of business success PDF (English)
» Lenka Pouchová
Process analysis and its application by process improvement PDF (English)
» Martin Sedláček
The management of private labels PDF (English)
» Jan Šalamoun, Iveta Pavezová
New Trends in Catering Services PDF (English)
» Petr Štumpf, Vladimír Dvořák, Roman Švec
The position of tourism from a marketing perspective PDF (English)
» Kateřina Veselá
Crisis management and the impact of accounting data for management in crisis situations PDF (English)
» Miroslava Vlčková