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INPROFORUM 2007 A new reform approaches to the budgeting process Abstract
František Ochrana, František Ochrana
INPROFORUM 2016 A Note on Optimization under Uncertainty: Comparing Probabilistically Constrained and Robust Optimization Methodology Abstract
Michal Houda
INPROFORUM 2014 A Note on U-Statistics Abstract
Jana Klicnarová
INPROFORUM 2007 A regional aspect of economics growth Abstract
Tomáš Volek
INPROFORUM 2014 A Survey Quality of Management Accounting in the Czech Companies Abstract
Miroslava Vlčková
INPROFORUM 2016 Accounting Data of ERP Systems and Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis Abstract
Petr Hanzal
INPROFORUM 2015 Accounting Data of ERP Systems and Spatial Dependence of Econo-mic Activity Abstract
Petr Hanzal
INPROFORUM 2013 Accounting, economic and ERP systems in the Czech Republic Abstract
Libuše Svobodová
INPROFORUM Junior 2008 Active and residual subvention Abstract
Jiří Pšenčík
INPROFORUM 2016 Adjusted Net Savings in the countries of the European Union Abstract
Magdaléna Drastichová
INPROFORUM 2011 Administrative punishment under the conditions with commissioned local authority Abstract
Rudolf Hrubý
INPROFORUM 2013 Advisory Services Management in Agriculture Complex of the Czech Repubulic Abstract
Dagmar Škodová Parmová, Michaela Suchá
INPROFORUM 2015 Age management measures - a case study Abstract
Lenka Janošová, Božena Buchtová
INPROFORUM 2009 Agricultural activities diversification and management social-economic sustainability Abstract
Petra Pártlová, Jan Váchal, Jarmila Straková, Jana Moravcová, Monika Koupilová
INPROFORUM Junior 2008 Alternative dispute resolution Abstract
Alena Srbová
INPROFORUM 2015 Alternative Dispute Resolution before Czech Trade Inspection Abstract
Zuzana Frantíková
INPROFORUM 2007 Analysis of chosen unemployment´s indicators in Czech Republic Abstract
Petr Řehoř
INPROFORUM 2014 Analysis of CSR Reporting Practices of the Largest Companies Domiciled in the Czech Republic Abstract
Petr Petera, Jaroslav Wagner, Markéta Boučková
INPROFORUM 2015 Analysis of Firm Profitability in Terms of Size Structure in the Czech Food and Beverages Industry Abstract
Ivana Blažková
INPROFORUM 2007 Analysis of long-term uneployment in EU countries Abstract
Jan Klíma, Milan Palát
INPROFORUM 2009 Analysis of regional and sectoral disparity of wages Abstract
Libuše Svatošová, Ivana Boháčková
INPROFORUM 2007 Analysis of social phenomena in a selected county of Poland using the trend function Abstract
Grażyna Karmowska
INPROFORUM Junior 2008 Analysis of structure and progression of production factors in farming enterprises Abstract
Petr Zeman
INPROFORUM 2009 Analysis of the regional unemployment structure Abstract
Bohumil Kába
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Analysis of the selected operational programme in relation to the legal form of the applicant Abstract
Renata Bednářová
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