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INPROFORUM 2017 Administrative Law Sanctioning after Recodification and its Influence on the Entrepreneur's Responsibility Abstract
Martin Slobodník, Rudolf Hrubý
INPROFORUM 2017 Agri-Food Competitive Export Performance in EU Countries Abstract
Dominika Čeryová, Eva Ďurišová, Natália Turčeková, Izabela Adamičková, Miriam Bartošová
INPROFORUM 2017 Analysis of the Households Expenditures Structure in the Regions of the Slovak Republic Abstract
Daniela Hupková, Veronika Mihálová, Ľudmila Dobošová
INPROFORUM 2017 Application of Ergonomic Principles at the Beginning of Industry 4.0 Abstract
Drahoš Vaněček, Martin Pech
INPROFORUM 2017 Application of the Statistical Method to Identify Financial Health of a Company Abstract
Martin Telecký
INPROFORUM 2017 Class Action Lawsuits as a Procedural Instrument of Consumer Protection Abstract
Zuzana Frantíková
INPROFORUM 2017 Clustering of Companies in an Inhomogeneous Space Abstract
Ilona Berková, Tomáš Mrkvička
INPROFORUM 2017 Comparative Study of the Institutional Anchoring of Selected Non-profit Organizations in the UK, USA and Czech Republic Abstract
Jaroslava Rajchlová, Veronika Svatošová, Libor Grega
INPROFORUM 2017 Comparison of Discrete and Continuous Model of Planned Cash-Flow in ERP Systems Abstract
Petr Hanzal, Petr Chládek
INPROFORUM 2017 Comparison of Telework in the Czech Republic and in its Neighbouring Countries Abstract
Miroslava Vlčková, Zuzana Frantíková, Jaroslav Vrchota
INPROFORUM 2017 Consumers Behaviour in the Czech Pork Meat Retail Market Abstract
Jindřich Špička, Zdeňka Náglová, Josef Mezera
INPROFORUM 2017 Data Envelopment Analysis within Evaluation of the Efficiency of Firm Productivity Abstract
Michal Houda
INPROFORUM 2017 Demand of Slovak Residents for Volunteer Tourism Abstract
Jana Sokolová, Kristína Pompurová
INPROFORUM 2017 Detection of Outliers as a Possible Method of Accounting Fraud Revelation Abstract
Marcela Hradecká
INPROFORUM 2017 Development and Structure of Subsidies in Agriculture Abstract
Jana Lososová, Daniel Kopta, Radek Zdeněk
INPROFORUM 2017 Development of New Organization Forms in Viticulture and Wine Industry in the Czech Republic - the Segment of Wines with Original Certification Abstract
Ivo Zdráhal, Věra Bečvářová, Jana Babáčková
INPROFORUM 2017 Differentiated Demographic Rural Development? Abstract
Renata Klufová
INPROFORUM 2017 Does the Harmonization of Excise Duties Lead to the Convergence of the Member States of the European Union? Abstract
Jarmila Rybová
INPROFORUM 2017 Economic Aspects of Public Administration Structure at the Municipal Level in the Czech Republic Abstract
Jiří Dušek
INPROFORUM 2017 Economic Aspects of the Amortization of Human Capital in the Public Sector Abstract
Jaroslav Šetek, Jiří Alina
INPROFORUM 2017 Employee Inventor´s Remuneration: An Evidence from Great Britain Abstract
Barbora Rýdlová, Pavel Svačina
INPROFORUM 2017 Estimation of the Elasticity of the Substitution in the Czech Economy Using the Low-Pass Filter Model Abstract
Karol Szomolányi, Martin Lukáčik, Adriana Lukáčiková
INPROFORUM 2017 European Cross-boarder Regions and Economic Competitiveness Abstract
Dagmar Škodová Parmová, Lisa Wiechmann, Rostislav Kain
INPROFORUM 2017 Evaluation Methods of Development Programs Focused On Non-profit Projects Abstract
Jaroslava Rajchlová, Libor Grega, Veronika Svatošová
INPROFORUM 2017 Financial Health as a Key Factor for Improving the Stability of Supply Network Abstract
Jaroslava Pražáková, Martin Pech
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