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Economic Impacts of Changes and Policies in the Fields of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Evaluation Methods of Development Programs Focused On Non-profit Projects PDF
» Jaroslava Rajchlová, Libor Grega, Veronika Svatošová
Comparative Study of the Institutional Anchoring of Selected Non-profit Organizations in the UK, USA and Czech Republic PDF
» Jaroslava Rajchlová, Veronika Svatošová, Libor Grega
The Financial Analysis of the Individual Annual Financial Statement According to IAS/IFRS PDF
» Martina Regásková
Does the Harmonization of Excise Duties Lead to the Convergence of the Member States of the European Union? PDF
» Jarmila Rybová

Market Research and Sustainable Marketing in Trade and Tourism

The Food Market in the Slovak Republic in Context of Nutritional Recommendations PDF
» Iveta Zentková, Elena Hošková, Martin Richter

Management of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Employee Inventor´s Remuneration: An Evidence from Great Britain PDF
» Barbora Rýdlová, Pavel Svačina
Prerequisites of the Czech Republic for Industry 4.0 in Human Resources PDF
» Jaroslav Vrchota, Petr Řehoř

Mathematical-statistical methods and optimization in practice

Modelling E-Commerce Processes in the Presence of a Price Comparison Site PDF
» Ladislav Beránek, Radim Remeš
Solving Resource Allocation by Using Spreadsheet PDF
» Radim Remeš