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Regional and Global Aspects of Sustainability, and Bioeconomy

How Strong are the Pharmacy Chains within the EU? PDF
» Jaroslav Písek

Economics of Agriculture

The Czech Republic Farmland Fund Balance Modeling Considering the Arable Land Declines PDF
» Radka Procházková, Marie Prášilová

Economic Impacts of Changes and Policies in the Fields of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Financial Health as a Key Factor for Improving the Stability of Supply Network PDF
» Jaroslava Pražáková, Martin Pech

Market Research and Sustainable Marketing in Trade and Tourism

Demand of Slovak Residents for Volunteer Tourism PDF
» Jana Sokolová, Kristína Pompurová

Management of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Organizational Values during the Global Economic Crisis PDF
» Martin Pech
Application of Ergonomic Principles at the Beginning of Industry 4.0 PDF
» Drahoš Vaněček, Martin Pech

Mathematical-statistical methods and optimization in practice

Various Approaches to Szroeter’s Test for Regression Quantiles PDF
» Jan Kalina, Barbora Peštová
The Main Effects of Space Weather on the Earth´s Economy PDF
» Tomáš Ruml Zeithamer, Jiří Pospíšil