Presentations and proceedings

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Economics of Agriculture

Development and Structure of Subsidies in Agriculture PDF
» Jana Lososová, Daniel Kopta, Radek Zdeněk

Economic Impacts of Changes and Policies in the Fields of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Possible Impacts of Application of the New Accounting Standard IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers: A Case Study PDF
» Marta Stárová, Helena Čermáková, Enikő Lőrinczová, Miroslava Navrátilová, Markéta Beranová
Use of the Fixed Assets and Labour Productivity in Farms according to LFA PDF
» Petr Zeman, Jana Lososová, Jaroslav Svoboda

Mathematical-statistical methods and optimization in practice

Estimation of the Elasticity of the Substitution in the Czech Economy Using the Low-Pass Filter Model PDF
» Karol Szomolányi, Martin Lukáčik, Adriana Lukáčiková