The Influence of Work Environment on Employee Motivation
Michaela Slabová

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Last modified: 2018-04-10


The contribution has dealt with the topic of impact of work environment on employee motivation in the selected company and its aim was to briefly literally introduce the issue of human resources and personnel management conditions, further to shed a light on the importance of ergonomics and the impact of working conditions on employees' motivation as well as their subsequent remuneration options. The methodology part includes the interviews with employees of the selected company, which were needed to determine primary information and follow-up survey, where the topic of the impact of working conditions on staff motivation and performance was specified. The outcome is to propose innovative improvement measures leading to positive changes in the area of ​​human resource management. This ought to result in the improvement of both the physical condition of workers and their satisfaction and motivation to administer the best possible job performance; not only currently, but even henceforth. All proposals for improving are processed with an approximate cost of the realization in case of potential interest, which has been significantly shown by company Unterer Ltd.


Working conditions; ergonomics; motivation; performance; employee compensations

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