Organizational Values during the Global Economic Crisis
Martin Pech

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Last modified: 2018-04-10


The paper deals with the topic of organizational values ​​that need to be distinguished from individual (personal) values. Organizational values ​​are shared, enforced and maintained by the vast majority of people and determine how people behave in solving everyday work problems. Values ​​serve as a guideline for decision-making and daily negotiation, and determine basic preferences when choosing the way the organization responds. The research was conducted during the period of the global economic crisis and its main aim was to find out the prevailing organizational values ​​in enterprises.

The obtained results were then analysed in terms of the impact of this crisis period. The results indicate that enterprises are focusing on ways of solving problems that are less risky, more cost-effective and more quality in times of crisis. However, their reaction to negative external factors is probably not based on experience and tradition. This situation is for enterprises rather new. Enterprises are more cautious at this time, they are not conducting experiments and do not seek confrontation with competitors. Immediate results and high performance are important to help enterprises to survive an unfavourable period. Their corporate cultures are predominantly hierarchical and market-based.


organizational values; corporate culture; human resource management; global economic crisis

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