Modern Methods of Payment
Liběna Kantnerová, Michal Turek

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


This work analyses the citizens´knowledge concerning payment tools in comparison of the Czech Republic with a similar research in the USA. The data were acquired through a questionnaire in a sample of 947 respondents. On the basis of the comparison of the obtained data we may say that in most parametres and indices the Czech respondents have a lot in common with their counterparts abroad.They use the same (and in some cases of higher quality) technologies and their interest in this field is of the same direction. Based on these findings we can say that in the contemporary globalized society the differences in people´s behaviour in various territorial milieus are diminishing and the world is divided not according to the territory, but to the access to the Internet and technologies in general.


It is possible to confirm the speculation that the milieu of new technologies and methods in the field of payment the Czech Republic is at the front of the development and its citizens can use most of the comforts offered at present.


Payments methods; Debit Cards; Credit Cards; Mobile Payments

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