Development of New Organization Forms in Viticulture and Wine Industry in the Czech Republic - the Segment of Wines with Original Certification
Ivo Zdráhal, Věra Bečvářová, Jana Babáčková

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Last modified: 2018-04-16


The changing market environment (both locally and globally) is reflected in the changing position of individual wine-growers and wine-makers on the market. One of the ways how to strengthen the position of wine-growing and wine-making enterprises within the increasing competition on the current market is a cooperation in the form of horizontal or vertical coordination/integration of the interested enterprises and the formation of wine clusters. Typical characteristics of some wine clusters is their derivation from a specific factor - terroir of vineyards. One of the forms of demonstrating the characteristics of a terroir based wine is a certification system of wines with original certification (VOC). Development of clusters of wine-growing and wine-making enterprises in the Czech Republic on the basis of VOC appellation system has not yet received in the professional literature much attention. The aim of the research, whose partial results are presented in this paper, is deepening of the knowledge about the concept of appellation system VOC in the context of the Czech Republic and about the development of new associations of regional wine producers that are using the VOC appellation system. For this purpose, existing VOC associations in the Czech Republic were identified, their attributes were defined and their form was more precisely characterized based on the selected set of attributes. VOC certification was in the Czech Republic legislatively defined and introduced in 2004. Currently 7 such associations exist in the Czech Republic. From the analyses and comparisons carried out can be concluded, that the conditions for VOC certification are defined as a framework by law. Nonetheless, the analysis of the association characteristics shows that within this legislative framework, individual associations seek/choose their own specific solutions. This implies that rules and concrete operation forms of VOC associations are still being shaped. Further research in this field should focus on evaluation of the relationship between the chosen form of association and its performance results.


Appellation; viticulture; terroir; appellation system; wines with original certification

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