Analysis of the Households Expenditures Structure in the Regions of the Slovak Republic
Daniela Hupková, Veronika Mihálová, Ľudmila Dobošová

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


The climate conditions, subsequent population density, natural resources and following developing industry cause significant differences in the territorial division of Slovakia. The resulting differences have led to a different level of living standards in individual areas, and this fact is transformed into a different range of household expenditures. The main aim of paper is to determine which regions in Slovakia are characterized by similar expenditures´ structure and vice versa, which regions differ with the structure of expenditures the most. To achieve defined aim we applied the Gatev´s coefficient of dissimilarity of structures, which allows us to compare couples of regions. During the research 28 pairs of regions will be created and for each pair will be calculated coefficient in range between 0 and 1. Based on this coefficient we will be able to identify the pair of regions with the most similar expenditure structure and a pair of regions with a least similar expenditure pattern. Once this goal will be achieved, determined pairs of regions will be undertaking advanced analysis to determine with which types of expenditure are regions most comparable, respectively not.


expenditures; Gatev´s coefficient; household regional analysis

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