Administrative Law Sanctioning after Recodification and its Influence on the Entrepreneur's Responsibility
Martin Slobodník, Rudolf Hrubý

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Last modified: 2018-04-10


The new Infringement Act (Act No. 250/2016 Coll. ) introduces with effect from 01.07.2017 a uniform legal regulation of the basic principles of administrative liability of natural persons, legal entities and entrepreneurial individuals, including the rules governing the exercise of this responsibility.

The significant tendency of the new regulation is the increase of penalties for offenses, for example, the tightening of the fine from CZK 15,000 to CZK 50,000, for trespassing, hindering or threatening the provision of health service from CZK 10,000 to CZK 100,000 etc. Criminal behaviour is newly an offense or defamation of an official up to CZK 15,000.

The reform of administrative sanctioning has brought about a number of changes not only from the point of view of the  terminology and systematics but also from the basics of substantive and procedural law-making. The author of the propounded article is concerned among other things with questions whether the legislator has taken the right legislative course.


Businessman; administrative punishment; recodification

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