Agri-Food Competitive Export Performance in EU Countries
Dominika Čeryová, Eva Ďurišová, Natália Turčeková, Izabela Adamičková, Miriam Bartošová

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Last modified: 2018-04-10


Export competitive performance is a main issue in the trade between European Union countries, which is based on agri-food market. Agriculture and food industry sector has been influenced by two main occurances in the past fifteen years. First of all by European Union expansion in 2004 by Central and Eastern European countries, which opened many possibilities for new twelve member states and strengthened its competition among old and new countries. The second affect was recorded by economic crisis in 2008.

The main objective of this paper is to analyse export competitive performance in agricultural sector and food industry of selected European Union countries. Our analysis is concentrated from 2010 to 2015 with respect of European Union consists of 28 member states. In our paper, we have chosen two indicators: Balassa RCA index (Revealed Comparative Advantage) for a calculation of an advantage or a disadvantage of selected countries in a selected types of goods or services and EMS index (Export Market Share) describes the export performance in European Union area based on its member states. Our data came from Eurostat database of international trade which have been necessary to analyse RCA and EMS indexes.


Competition; Agriculture; Food industry; European Union; RCA index; EMS index

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