Economic Aspects of Public Administration Structure at the Municipal Level in the Czech Republic
Jiří Dušek

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Last modified: 2018-04-10


On a European scale the Czech Republic is typical of its disintegrated structure and a high number of municipalities, which is typical of other European countries as well, such as France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Nevertheless, the settlement structure is different compared to other EU member states because there are the least populated municipalities on average in the Czech Republic, which is reflected in their economic situation, autonomy and self-sufficiency. On this assumption the implemented analysis is based (on example of 623 municipalities in South Bohemia Region), aiming at miscellaneous relations of involving municipalities into structures of municipality cooperation in accordance with size category. The research of involving municipalities into individual ways and forms of municipality cooperation was carried out by author in 2007-2015, the findings were tested subsequently by correlation and regression analysis and completed with descriptive statistics. The analysis proved an unambiguous relation between level of cooperation and size municipality, which proved the relation to economic aspect of municipalities, having been examined, because the more closely the municipality is involved into the structures of cooperation, the more absorption ability and capacity the area has.


cooperation of municipalities; municipality; public administration; region; South Bohemian Region

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