Modelling E-Commerce Processes in the Presence of a Price Comparison Site
Ladislav Beránek, Radim Remeš

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


Simultaneously with the development of e-business, related business applications have been developed. Price comparison sites that allow comparison of prices in different online stores belong to the most successful. These sites are also known as price comparisons, shopbots, or internet buying agents. Online buyers use them to obtain information about the price or the relevant stores. They reduce buyer search costs and help them in their decision making by providing comparison of price of for example some product in various e-shops. Such information is rarely found in the context of physical retail purchases. Compare pricing pages were mainly surveyed in terms of the impact of price comparison pages on the price of products and services and the sensitivity of online shoppers to the price. In this paper, however, we want to look at online shopping processes with network analysis optics. In our model, we use weighted network-based inference as a basic, and we suggest further a model of relationships in the presence of price comparators sites. The goal of our model is to predict what e-shop a customer chooses when buying a particular product.


E-commerce; Network-based inference; Model; Price comparison site

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