Innovation of the Plastics Industry – a Challenge or a Must?
Nikola Sagapova, Eva Cudlínová

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Last modified: 2018-04-10


Plastics have been shaping our economies, societies and everyday life. Although plastics had been seen
as useful durable materials with numerous ways of their possible commercial application,and materials which had
encouraged huge increase in standards of living of masses, currently we may see reflect waste plastics as one of the most alarming environmental problem of our time. Plastics have been impacting our environment due to bad waste
management through their durability, which both led to their omnipresence in nature. This review paper intends to touch a very important and complex problem of plastics and plastic waste covering three aspects: technological, economic
and environmental suggesting some means to handle this situation. We focus mainly on two streams of possible inovation, where first one is presented by biodegradable plastics made from biomass and second one is connected with recycling, although consumers power is taken into account as well.


bioeconomy; biodegradable plastics; innovation; recycling

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