The Performance of Grape Wine Production and Trade in the Czech Republic
Nahanga Verter, Vera Bečvářová

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


Given that grape is an integral agrarian input for wine production in the Czech Republic, and wine is largely produced in the Moravia region and consumed across the country, this article attempts to assess the performance or trends of its production and trade in recent decades. The descriptive findings suggest that the grape area harvested, yields, prices, winemaking and consumption may have implications on production and trade in the Czech Republic. The statistical data also show that Czech wine export (of fresh grapes) has been highly volatile as it has concentrated in only two economies that shared border with the country. Similarly, the country has been a net importer of wine as consumption outweighs production, implying that there is room for more production and export. Export promotion should be encouraged and diversified beyond the EU markets. Arguably, this measure may well reduce external demand/market volatility or shocks, enhance competitiveness and accelerate foreign earnings for grape wine producers, and traders in the country.


area harvested; Czechia; export; import; yields

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