Demand of Slovak Residents for Volunteer Tourism
Jana Sokolová, Kristína Pompurová

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


Globalization and technological changes have gradually changed the image of contemporary tourism and the way how people spend their leisure time as well. The postmodern values are reflected in the possibilities and demands of visitors, with which the theory and also the practice of tourism seek to keep pace. New, dynamically developing trends in the global environment include volunteer tourism, which, as an alternative, ecological and socially responsible form of travel, combines learning, entertainment, cultural and sporting activities with a job beneficial to a society without a financial reward. Volunteer tourism is developing slowly in Slovakia. The aim of the paper is to map out the satisfied and potential demand of Slovak residents for volunteer tourism. Based on primary research the paper examines the activities of voluntourists, motivation and barriers to engage in volunteer tourism at home country and abroad. Although the results of the qualitative research cannot be applied to Slovak residents as general yet, the paper provides valuable partial information on the current demand of Slovak residents for volunteer tourism, which the body of Slovak literature has neglected.


volunteer tourism; voluntourists; demand of volunteer tourism; motivations; barriers

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