Food Purchasing Behavior of Consumers on Farmers’ Markets: a Case Study from the Region Dunajská Streda
Pavol Kita, Patrícia Kollár

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-17


The purchase of foods by consumers on farmers' markets is becoming a widespread phenomenon in Slovakia. Consumers are increasingly beginning to prefer the purchase of healthy foods from farmers' markets rather than supermarkets. For this reason, the article aims to characterize the motivation of consumers to purchase goods on farmers' markets; based on selected factors. The authors have identified three hypotheses that have been verified using statistical methods. The article presents results on a sample of 435 consumers from the region Dunajská Streda. One of the results of the survey is that revenue is not a decisive factor in their willingness to purchase goods on farmers’ markets.


region Dunajská Streda; consumers behaviour; farmers' markets

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