Risks of IT Projects Analysed in Cases of DMS Implementation and their Generalization
Jiří Homan

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


Technology becomes more and more developed at the present time. However, information technology projects are becoming more ambitious and more complicated.IT projects very often also affect the entire organization. Processes changes, technologies changes, changes in data processing can occur within these projects. When the difficulty for the project increases, there is also a bigger chance that the IT project will fail. To prevent IT project's failure, the IT project management methodologies have been developed. A large part of existing literature builds on the underlying assumption that if we pay attention to defined success factors, we will prevent the IT project from failing.

In this article, we focused on projects that have been implemented to replace an existing substandard document management system with a new system based on more advanced technology. We have acquired a unique source of information regarding implementation of document management systems in several organization from the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises. Based on the interview with respective team projects members, we have detected several factors that which occurred during the projects and threatened the success of respective project. At the same time, we have also analysed ways to solve these problems. The main benefit of our paper is the analysis of specific factors to that relevant project teams paid more attention from the beginning of the projects implementation based on their long-term experience. Then, we compare this factors with factors of success in the literature. The paper generalizes the experience of several IT projects and brings a further research view in the field of IT projects risk.


Document management system; Implementation risks; Project management; IS/IT Project; Failure

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