Employee Inventor´s Remuneration: An Evidence from Great Britain
Barbora Rýdlová, Pavel Svačina

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


Nowadays, most innovations are originated as employee innovations. Therefore, the question of employee inventors’ remuneration is at the focus of innovative companies. The rationale for employee remuneration varies across Europe as well as the legal framework. Since there is an economic framework absent we can witness disputes between the employee inventors and employers concerning a fair reward. This paper uses two litigation cases from Great Britain. These cases are analyzed using an employee inventor remuneration model constructed by the authors based on focus group sessions with intellectual property legal experts. The aim of this case study is to confirm or refuse several intervening factors that we suggest should be considered in the remuneration process, in what extent and how they influence the amount of the reward for the inventor. The knowledge of complex intervening factors might become a helpful tool for R&D managers to set the rules of the inventor remuneration process in innovative companies.


Employee invention; Reward; Remuneration; Patent

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