Application of Ergonomic Principles at the Beginning of Industry 4.0
Drahoš Vaněček, Martin Pech

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Last modified: 2018-04-10


The article focused on the current changes related to the Industry 4.0. The main objective of the paper is whether these changes would affect the worker's relations to the environment and whether these changes may increase the interest in ergonomics. According to the questionnaire replies, ergonomics in enterprises has already fulfilled its role. Relations between a worker and their working environment have already been solved, but some limited number of tasks seems to remain. In the context of the forthcoming changes in Industry 4.0 technology will bring further impulses to development in this area. It will be especially smart technologies such as smart homes, smart factories, and smart cities, bringing the ergonomic issues to a brand new level. The advantage of using robots is shown in case study.


ergonomics; industry 4.0; robots; technological changes

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