Holistic Approach to Motivation and Stimulation
Růžena Krninská, Markéta Adamová, Nikola Židová

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


The current world-wide social changes will continue faster. It is discussed the fourth Industrial Revolution, where knowledge will be prioritized. From this point of view motivation and stimulation require a different philosophy and it is necessary to shape it with new content. It will be significantly associated with the increasing role of human capital and with the development of its creative potential, which is becoming a decisive element of innovation and competitiveness. A qualitatively higher level of leadership (connected with care for individual development) leads to a holistic approach in which we accept micro-, meso- and macro-space. The necessity of orientation in the intercultural environment of globalization might be linked to the macro-space. The functionality of an individual in working teams relates to a mesospace. The nature of a person as a subject (micro space) is determined by self-knowledge, self-development, and lifelong learning, and is associated with the process of internal self-motivation. This motivation is becoming the long-term and most effective motivational tool. Desirable state is compared with status of companies in South-Bohemia region.


motive; incentive; motivation and stimulation; micro-; meso- and macro-space; self-motivation

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