Various Approaches to Szroeter’s Test for Regression Quantiles
Jan Kalina, Barbora Peštová

Language: en
Last modified: 2018-04-10


Regression quantiles represent an important tool for regression analysis popular in econometric applications, for example for the task of detecting heteroscedasticity in the data. Nevertheless, they need to be accompanied by diagnostic tools for verifying their assumptions. The paper is devoted to heteroscedasticity testing for regression quantiles, while their most important special case is commonly denoted as the regression median. Szroeter’s test, which is one of available heteroscedasticity tests for the least squares, is modified here for the regression median in three different ways: (1) asymptotic test based on the asymptotic representation for regression quantiles, (2) permutation test based on residuals, and (3) exact approximate test, which has a permutation character and represents an approximation to an exact test. All three approaches can be computed in a straightforward way and their principles can be extended also to other heteroscedasticity tests. The theoretical results are expected to be extended to other regression quantiles and mainly to multivariate quantiles.


Heteroscedasticity; Regression median; Diagnostic tools; Asymptotics

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