Kaizen as an Approach to Motivation at Workplace
Markéta Adamová, Růžena Krninská, Nikola Židová

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Last modified: 2018-04-10


Nowadays a distinctive feature is the development of new technology and the associated requirements for new approaches to production processes in companies. Due to the high competition it is need to adapt quickly and flexibly to these requirements. If the company wants to be successful, it is necessary to continuously develop ways for improving of the manufacturing processes. The improvement will be an effective toll for motivation a stimulation employees.

One of the fundamental methods of improvement is the philosophy of Kaizen. This is an integral part of the culture of every successful company from the beginning of its development in Japan. The basic principle is the involvement of all employees in continuous improvement across the whole company, and consistently on a daily basis. The aim of this paper was analyzed this issue in conditions of organization Schwan Cosmetics CR. Data was obtained through the uncontrolled interviews with employees and their managers. The interviews were supplemented by observation.

The results of the investigation have clearly shown that the company, which belongs to the Czech and the world leaders in the production of wooden cosmetic pencils, is intensively engaged in Kaizen and the effort to continuous improvement dominates in all processes. In this effort the company shall take very specific forms within the program „Good idea“, where the employees use their innovative potential themselves. Because they best understand the problems of their work and the philosophy of the company, thus they contribute to the improvement of the whole company and they are part of Kaizen activities.


Kaizen; motivation; improvement; manufacturing process; innovation; wooden cosmetic pencils; philosophy of company; employees; quality

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