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INPROFORUM 2016 A Note on Optimization under Uncertainty: Comparing Probabilistically Constrained and Robust Optimization Methodology Abstract
Michal Houda
INPROFORUM 2016 Accounting Data of ERP Systems and Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis Abstract
Petr Hanzal
INPROFORUM 2016 Adjusted Net Savings in the countries of the European Union Abstract
Magdaléna Drastichová
INPROFORUM 2016 Approximation of a Planar B-Spline Curve by Polygonal Trail with Special Characteristics Abstract
Milos Kanka
INPROFORUM 2016 Barriers of Inter-Municipal Cooperation in the Regions of the South Bohemian Region as seen by Municipalities in 2004 – 2014 Abstract
Jiří Dušek
INPROFORUM 2016 Business in Waste Treatment Abstract
Ivana Faltová Leitmanová, Filip Petrách, Jaroslav Šetek, Jiří Alina
INPROFORUM 2016 Click Stream Data Analysis for Online Fraud Detection in E-Commerce Abstract
Ladislav Beránek, Václav Nýdl, Radim Remeš
INPROFORUM 2016 Comparison of Multi-Output Frontier Models: Application to Slovak Agriculture Abstract
Bohuš Kollár, Zlata Sojková
INPROFORUM 2016 Control Methods for Detection and Identification of Fraud in Accounting Abstract
Marcela Hradecká
INPROFORUM 2016 Crisis Management and Human Resources Abstract
Miroslav Němec, Darja Holátová
INPROFORUM 2016 CSR in the Context of Sustainable Development Abstract
Darja Holátová, Vlasta Doležalová
INPROFORUM 2016 Differences in the Performance of the Dairy Industries within the Visegrad Group Countries Abstract
Ivo Zdráhal, Gabriela Chmelíková, Ivana Blažková, Věra Bečvářová
INPROFORUM 2016 Dilemmas of using the Quality of Life’s Concept for Region’s Socioeconomic Development Abstract
Jan Mandys, Martin Šanda, Tetiana Korovchenko
INPROFORUM 2016 Economic Aspects of the Concept of Active Service for the Public Sector Abstract
Jaroslav Šetek, Filip Petrách, Ivana Faltová Leitmanová, Jiří Alina
INPROFORUM 2016 Evaluation of the Quality of Accounting Data in the Regions of the Czech Republic based on Audits by the Tax Offices Abstract
Miroslava Vlčková
INPROFORUM 2016 Financial Situation of Crop and Animal Farms in Slovakia Abstract
Tomáš Rábek, Marián Tóth
INPROFORUM 2016 Foodstuffs self-sufficiency of Czech Republic in the Context of Long-term Structural Changes in Primary Agricultural Production Abstract
Marie Prášilová, Radka Procházková, Pavla Hošková
INPROFORUM 2016 Green Marketing Practice of Car Producers Abstract
Jana Přikrylová, Eva Jaderná
INPROFORUM 2016 Impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility Elements on Policy of Net Working Capital Management with respect to Business Performance in the Czech Republic Abstract
Roman Dubový, Zdeněk Motlíček
INPROFORUM 2016 Influence of Creative Accounting on the Amount of Provable Loss in Public Transport Abstract
Martin Telecký
INPROFORUM 2016 Internal Audit and its Role in evaluating the Risk of Financial Statement Manipulation in the Area of Costs, based on a Case Study of a Chosen Accounting Unit Abstract
Zita Drábková, Zdenka Volkánová
INPROFORUM 2016 Labour Productivity Growth of SMEs in Food Industry and Financing Sources Abstract
Martina Novotná, Tomáš Volek
INPROFORUM 2016 Liability of Corporations after Legislative Changes in the Private Law Abstract
Martin Slobodník
INPROFORUM 2016 Measuring quality of life in EU capitals Abstract
Tetiana Korovchenko
INPROFORUM 2016 National Security at a Crossroad Abstract
Marek Susta, Stanislav Simbartl
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