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Threatened Europe – Threatened Regions? New Challenges and New Solutions.

Procurement and its Rules in the Programming Period 2007–2013 under the Operational Program Education for Competitiveness in the Czech Republic PDF
» Petr Vrkoslav, Dagmar Škodová Parmová, Tereza Procházková

Economic impacts of Changes and Policies in the fields of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Internal Audit and its Role in evaluating the Risk of Financial Statement Manipulation in the Area of Costs, based on a Case Study of a Chosen Accounting Unit PDF
» Zita Drábková, Zdenka Volkánová
Evaluation of the Quality of Accounting Data in the Regions of the Czech Republic based on Audits by the Tax Offices PDF
» Miroslava Vlčková

Economics of Agriculture

The Productivity of Organic Farming in Different Agroecological Conditions PDF
» Radka Redlichová, Věra Bečvářová, Karel Vinohradský

Causality of Socio-Economic Changes

Labour Productivity Growth of SMEs in Food Industry and Financing Sources PDF
» Martina Novotná, Tomáš Volek

Managing Changes and Innovations

Project Management And Its Impact On Growth Rate Of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises PDF
» Jaroslav Vrchota, Petr Řehoř, Monika Maříková, Ladislav Rolínek