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Threatened Europe – Threatened Regions? New Challenges and New Solutions.

Procurement and its Rules in the Programming Period 2007–2013 under the Operational Program Education for Competitiveness in the Czech Republic PDF
» Petr Vrkoslav, Dagmar Škodová Parmová, Tereza Procházková

Economic impacts of Changes and Policies in the fields of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Nonfinancial Risks and Financial Opportunities in Combating Climate Change PDF
» Oleksandr Sushchenko, Andrii Buryachenko

Causality of Socio-Economic Changes

Business in Waste Treatment PDF
» Ivana Faltová Leitmanová, Filip Petrách, Jaroslav Šetek, Jiří Alina
Dilemmas of using the Quality of Life’s Concept for Region’s Socioeconomic Development PDF
» Jan Mandys, Martin Šanda, Tetiana Korovchenko
National Security at a Crossroad PDF
» Marek Susta, Stanislav Simbartl
Economic Aspects of the Concept of Active Service for the Public Sector PDF
» Jaroslav Šetek, Filip Petrách, Ivana Faltová Leitmanová, Jiří Alina

Mathematical-statistic Modelling and Optimization in Practise

Comparison of Multi-Output Frontier Models: Application to Slovak Agriculture PDF
» Bohuš Kollár, Zlata Sojková
Short-Run Elasticity of Substitution PDF
» Karol Szomolányi, Martin Lukáčik, Adriana Lukáčiková
The Algorithm Used for Numbering German Banknotes: What Counterfeiters Might Not Have Known PDF
» Pavel Tlustý, Marek Šulista

New Challenges for International Trade and Tourism

New teaching Trends in the Field of Trade and Tourism PDF
» Radim Dušek, Jan Šalamoun

The Application of Private Law after the Legislative Changes in the Czech Republic

Liability of Corporations after Legislative Changes in the Private Law PDF
» Martin Slobodník