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Economic impacts of Changes and Policies in the fields of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility Elements on Policy of Net Working Capital Management with respect to Business Performance in the Czech Republic PDF
» Roman Dubový, Zdeněk Motlíček

Causality of Socio-Economic Changes

Dilemmas of using the Quality of Life’s Concept for Region’s Socioeconomic Development PDF
» Jan Mandys, Martin Šanda, Tetiana Korovchenko

Managing Changes and Innovations

Supplier Evaluation System in the Management of Quality PDF
» Jindřich Fuka, Dagmar Bednářová, Otto Martínek
Project Management And Its Impact On Growth Rate Of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises PDF
» Jaroslav Vrchota, Petr Řehoř, Monika Maříková, Ladislav Rolínek