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Threatened Europe – Threatened Regions? New Challenges and New Solutions.

Measuring quality of life in EU capitals PDF
» Tetiana Korovchenko

Economic impacts of Changes and Policies in the fields of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

The Bookkeeping of Enterprising Natural Persons PDF
» Irena Honková, Michal Kuběnka, Zdeněk Brodský, Simona Činčalová

Economics of Agriculture

The Development of Agricultural Production and Factors Affecting Operating Economic Results of Farms in the Period 2000 – 2015 PDF
» Daniel Kopta, Jana Lososová, Radek Zdeněk

Causality of Socio-Economic Changes

Dilemmas of using the Quality of Life’s Concept for Region’s Socioeconomic Development PDF
» Jan Mandys, Martin Šanda, Tetiana Korovchenko

Mathematical-statistic Modelling and Optimization in Practise

Approximation of a Planar B-Spline Curve by Polygonal Trail with Special Characteristics PDF
» Milos Kanka
On Utility Function for Money PDF
» Jana Klicnarová
Comparison of Multi-Output Frontier Models: Application to Slovak Agriculture PDF
» Bohuš Kollár, Zlata Sojková