Presentations and proceedings

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Threatened Europe – Threatened Regions? New Challenges and New Solutions.

Sustainability and Sustainable Development of Non-profit Organizations PDF
» Dita Hommerová

Economic impacts of Changes and Policies in the fields of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

The Bookkeeping of Enterprising Natural Persons PDF
» Irena Honková, Michal Kuběnka, Zdeněk Brodský, Simona Činčalová
Control Methods for Detection and Identification of Fraud in Accounting PDF
» Marcela Hradecká

Economics of Agriculture

Foodstuffs self-sufficiency of Czech Republic in the Context of Long-term Structural Changes in Primary Agricultural Production PDF
» Marie Prášilová, Radka Procházková, Pavla Hošková

Mathematical-statistic Modelling and Optimization in Practise

Accounting Data of ERP Systems and Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis PDF
» Petr Hanzal
A Note on Optimization under Uncertainty: Comparing Probabilistically Constrained and Robust Optimization Methodology PDF
» Michal Houda

Managing Changes and Innovations

CSR in the Context of Sustainable Development PDF
» Darja Holátová, Vlasta Doležalová
Crisis Management and Human Resources PDF
» Miroslav Němec, Darja Holátová

The Application of Private Law after the Legislative Changes in the Czech Republic

New Institutions of Civil Law in Practice PDF
» Rudolf Hrubý