Conference fee does not cover accommodation. There are more hotels in České Budějovice, for info see

For example:

Hotel Garni České Budějovice

Hotel Garni offers cheap accommodation in České Budějovice. In the areal of the hotel you can find 36 completely equipped rooms. In the rooms you can find toilets, shower, DBV-TV and internet connection. More info

Hotel "U tří lvů"

Guests enjoying a break in the Hotel U Tří lvů can avail of 36 rooms. Each of these includes a bathroom with tub or shower-bath, WC, a direct-dial telephone, TV with a satellite receiver, Wi-Fi internet connection, minibar and hair-dryer in suits. More info

Accommodation "Koleje PEDAGOG"

The newly built accommodation named "koleje PEDAGOG" has been offering since March 2015. Accommodation facility at Branišovská 1800 / 36a is easily accessible by bus (bus stops no. 3, 7, 15 and 53 in both directions). More info