New teaching Trends in the Field of Trade and Tourism
Radim Dušek, Jan Šalamoun

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Last modified: 2017-03-16


The aim of this paper is to describe an application of the project-based learning method, which was implemented to Management of Commerce study programme  in the academic year 2015/16, and to define course’s processes that should be improved to ensure a higher level of students competencies. A suitable method of such key competencies development can be an implementation and wider use of project-based learning methods.  This approach can be characterized by creating the students’ research teams to work individually on long-term projects, which are connected to business practice and that are designed to solve problems. Based on implementation of the project-based learning methods on the Faculty of Economics, the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice in recent years, the  Department of Trade and Tourism created and started own subject called Specialization project in the academic year 2015/16. The purpose was to integrate and develop competencies of every student through working on projects in the areas of trade, marketing and tourism. All projects were specified by particular companies, which expected students’ relevant recommendations for solving concrete problems.


Competency; Project-based learning methods; Tourism; Trade

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