Project Management And Its Impact On Growth Rate Of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Jaroslav Vrchota, Petr Řehoř, Monika Maříková, Ladislav Rolínek

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Last modified: 2017-03-16


The aim of the managers in SMEs is to have a competitive enterprise on the market, to develop and achieve some positive results. Project management can play a significant role in facilitating this contribution; however, SMEs require less structured forms of project management than those used by larger, traditional organizations. Project management is the set of managerial activities needed to lead a project to a successful end. The paper deals with finding whether the project management of SMEs influences the growth rate of an enterprise. Data were gathered as questionnaires and interviews from 183 enterprises operating in the Czech Republic. The research was made in the period of 2014-15. Authors in the paper failed to confirm that the organizations with project management have better growth rate.


Project; Growth rate; SME; Management

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