Barriers of Inter-Municipal Cooperation in the Regions of the South Bohemian Region as seen by Municipalities in 2004 – 2014
Jiří Dušek

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Last modified: 2017-03-13


In the past few years several research projects focused on the barriers of inter-municipal cooperation were carried out in the Czech Republic and abroad. As the research results reflect the respective local and regional specifics, the results and conclusions are diametrically different, depending on particular conditions in the respective country.


The presented work focuses on the issues of barriers of inter-municipal cooperation as seen by the individual South-Bohemian municipalities. After the introductory theoretical part the results of a questionnaire survey focused on the analysis of selected issues of municipalities and towns in the South Bohemian Region are presented and discussed. The questionnaire survey was first done in 2004 and repeated ten years later in 2014 with the goal of comparing and mapping the changes in the attitude of South Bohemian municipalities as regards public administration, transport and other areas of interest. In the conclusion the results are interpreted as regards the development of opinions of the respective municipalities on the respective problematic areas and also in the context of changes that were implemented in area of public administration in the past few years.



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