Adjusted Net Savings in the countries of the European Union
Magdaléna Drastichová

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Last modified: 2017-03-13


Sustainable development (SD) is an overarching objective of the European Union (EU) enshrined in its primary law, governing all the EU's policies and activities. Adjusted Net Saving (ANS) as a macro level index of SD was used to evaluate SD in the EU countries and additional four developed countries for the purpose of comparisons. ANS was assessed according to the ANS ratio in % of GNI and the ANS per capita. Moreover, the ANS component indicators were investigated to complete the evaluation. Although the results differ between countries according to the applied ANS indicator, Norway has shown high levels of both ANS indicators. Although this country showed the highest sum of the negative ANS components after subtracting the positive component, it was evaluated as the best performing economy according to the combination of the monitored indicators. On the other hand, Greece is evaluated as the unsustainable country having shown negative ANS since 2008. Romania and Lithuania showed the significant improvements and moved from the unsustainable territory. The ANS of the monitored countries has significantly been affected by the economic crisis.


Adjusted Net Savings (ANS); European Union (EU); Sustainable Development (SD)

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