Supplier Evaluation System in the Management of Quality
Jindřich Fuka, Dagmar Bednářová, Otto Martínek

Language: en
Last modified: 2017-03-16


The right choice of suppliers is one of the key roles of management. For securing the quality of products is important to have effective processes and also good resources from suppliers. Supplier evaluation system represents an effective tool for eliminating inappropriate choices of suppliers. Inappropriate supplier would bring to the company not only additional costs but also bad reputation amongst customers. Assessment of supplier evaluation system was carried out in a medium-sized engineering company. Preliminary evaluation of the supplier provides information on whether the supplier is able to meet specific requirements. Ongoing evaluation of suppliers provides information about their current level of fulfilling specific requirements for their deliveries. For the selected company were created following suggestions that should make supplier evaluation system more efficient: Evaluation of suppliers(More categories for suppliers according to the results of their evaluation), Preliminary evaluation of suppliers(Require supply samples before selecting the supplier, Always visit the supplier during the evaluation audit), Ongoing evaluation of suppliers, Carry out continuous assessment on a quarterly basis and take into account the development during the year, Conclude an agreement with suppliers about the level of quality and assign greater weight to the quality.


Supplier evaluation system; Quality management; Suppliers; Quality

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