Sustainability and Sustainable Development of Non-profit Organizations
Dita Hommerová

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Last modified: 2017-03-13


This paper deals with current worldwide concepts of the pillars of sustainable development with respect to activities of non-profit organizations. There is a large number of theories, approaches and concepts of sustainable development. The overall success of non-profit organizations, characterized by their development and sustainability, is also contributed to by a targeted effort to achieve sustainable development, utilizing the social, economic as well as environmental essence of the inner workings of society. An organization which in the long term is sustainable from the economic, environmental and social points of view generates an added value for society in terms of sustainable development by conducting its activities and at the same time ensures its strong position in the market and success in a competitive market environment. Due to their fundamental nature, non-profit organizations are engaged in just about all the mutations of the concept of sustainable development and through their activities cover a wide range of sustainable development needs. Sustainable development is a response to the need of human society to develop qualitatively rather than quantitatively and in line with limitations arising from our environment.


Sustainability; Sustainable development; Success of non-profit organizations; Growth of a non-profit organization

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