Presentations and proceedings

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Management of small and medium sized enterprises

Typical crises in selected SMEs in the Czech Republic PDF
» Ladislav Rolínek, Jaroslav Vrchota, Monika Maříková
Strengths and Weaknesses of Human Resources Management in SMEs PDF
» Petr Řehoř

Mathematical-statistic modelling and optimization in practise

Factors influencing customer repeated purchase behavior in the e-commerce context PDF
» Ladislav Beránek, Václav Nýdl, Radim Remeš
Predicting bonity of clients through two recursive partitioning methods PDF
» Michael Rost, Renata Klufová

Market research and marketing decision making in business and tourism

Selected aspects of regional organic food market – price analysis PDF
» Hana Doležalová, Tereza Pinkasová, Monika Riedererová, Michaela Veselá, Kamil Pícha, Josef Navrátil

Economic impacts of changes and policies in the fields of finance, accounting and taxation

Comparative analysis of the health insurance system in the Czech Republic and Slovakia PDF
» Tereza Schusterová, Jarmila Rybová