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Multi-modality in the context of the society and economical development

Social agriculture – alternative type of production PDF
» Zdenek Kučera
The reaction of small and medium- sized industrial enterprises on the crisis period PDF
» Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná, Jan Krátoška

Management of small and medium sized enterprises

Cooperation and entry of SMEs into foreign markets PDF
» Dagmar Bednářová, Jaroslava Pražáková, Petra Kosíková

Mathematical-statistic modelling and optimization in practise

The comparison of stochastic and deterministic DEA models PDF
» Michal Houda, Jana Klicnarová
On the Computation of B-Spline Basis Function Values B(Q,r) (t) PDF
» Miloš Kaňka
Predicting bonity of clients through two recursive partitioning methods PDF
» Michael Rost, Renata Klufová

Consumer protection and legal aspects of the land alteration

Financial literacy in the Condition of the Transition Economy PDF
» Liběna Kantnerová

Market research and marketing decision making in business and tourism

GIS as a decision-making tool for small businesses in the retailing PDF
» Marian Toman, Pavol Kita, Ján Prílepok