Factors influencing customer repeated purchase behavior in the e-commerce context
Ladislav Beránek, Václav Nýdl, Radim Remeš

Language: en
Last modified: 2016-01-07


Predicting customer purchase behavior in the e-commerce activities is an important task. However, this effort requires fulfillment of a lot of problems. Recommendation systems have become a common way how to help people when they have to decide in complex selections.  But they are not able to perform predictive tasks in this context satisfactorily. In this paper, we deal with a design of a predictive framework for customer purchase behavior in e-commerce context. The aim is to understand customer behavior for online shopping. It means this research seeks to explain the relationship between Internet shopping and customer’s behavior, i.e., to identify the determinants of the relationship between online shopping and business customers based model which includes factors, for example perceived value, satisfaction, and behavior (purchase intent). Experiments performed on a real dataset show that these factors play a key role in the decision-making process.


E-commerce; Predictive model; Purchase Behavior; Customer Perceived Value

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