Selected aspects of regional organic food market – price analysis
Hana Doležalová, Tereza Pinkasová, Monika Riedererová, Michaela Veselá, Kamil Pícha, Josef Navrátil

Language: en
Last modified: 2016-05-05


The paper deal with problems of price of organic food compared to the price of their conventional equivalents and the price differences between specialty shops and retail chains’ stores in the context of the consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for organic food and their perception of value for money. Most of the respondents are willing to pay a premium of not more than 10% or 20% for organic food. The average acceptable premium for organic food is about 18 %. The research of prices has been undertaken for seven groups of organic food: Legumes, cereals, dairy products, meat, eggs, beverages, sweet and sweeteners and vegetables. The price of more than 80% of sorts of organic food and of almost 75% of items included in the research exceeded the level that is acceptable for most respondents. Relatively lowest premium was discovered in the groups of milk and dairy products, sugar and alternative sweeteners and cereals. Contrariwise, the highest premium was found in groups of vegetables and meat and eggs.


Organic food; Price; Pricing; Consumer attitudes

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