Age management measures - a case study
Lenka Janošová, Božena Buchtová

Language: en
Last modified: 2016-02-02


This article introduces different possibilities for age management measures for working with employees above 50 years old on a specific example of a Norwegian company. Firstly, there is a brief summary of the reasons for the introduction and use of age management in business practice as the implication of demographic changes in the developed countries of Europe, especially the ageing of the population and, therefore, the ageing of the entire workforce in the labour market. Furthermore, the article presents a list of actions implemented in the Norwegian company, AB Ltd., in order to increase the productivity and loyalty of the current employees and also to take advantage of the synergies between different age groups working in teams to solve working tasks. Finally, the article argues for the possibility of the application of these measures to the business environment in the Czech Republic with regard to economic and cultural differences between these two countries, which are a key factor for successful implementation.


age management; ageing of the population; employment; employee’s benefits

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