Comparison of operating subsidies in agriculture in EU countries
Jaroslav Svoboda, Jana Lososová, Radek Zdeněk

Language: en
Last modified: 2016-02-08


The Operational subsidies are the basis of CAP, which is financed from the EU budget. Although its share in the budget has decreased lately to approx. 40%, it still represents the key EU policy. The aim of the article is the analysis of the policy of subsidies in the field of operational subsidies in the EU countries in years 2004 to 2012, which represents its comparison based on selected economic indicators. The objective was to find suitable connections and links among these indicators and operational subsidies. The article deals with comparison of agricultural subsidies in the member states of the EU in the period 2004-2012 based on the database FADN. The linkage of paid out operational subsidies related to area value of utilised agricultural area is obvious – the co called decoupling occurs (i.e. breaking away of subsidies from output). The subsidy range has a dropping trend over time and the values of minimum and maximum draw near each other during the monitored period.


Agriculture; CAP; Operational subsidies - excluding on investments; Outputs; Inputs

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