The reaction of small and medium- sized industrial enterprises on the crisis period
Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná, Jan Krátoška

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Last modified: 2016-01-07


The article deals with the development of the economic situation of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises on the crisis period.  The data source was Eurostat (National accounts) and the business database Albertina.  The observed data were from the 7 year period (2008-2014). Analysis was focused on macroeconomic and macroeconomic point of view. It was found that the reaction of the various sectors to the crisis was different. Industry (group A2 - Medium Low and Low Technology) react very sensitively to the changes in real business cycle. During the financial crisis of 2009 there was a significant decrease in production (GVA). On the contrary, in the post-crisis years, performance of enterprises returned to the initial values.


Industry; Crisis; SMEs; Performance

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