Cooperation and entry of SMEs into foreign markets
Dagmar Bednářová, Jaroslava Pražáková, Petra Kosíková

Language: en
Last modified: 2016-02-12


Entry  of Czech SMEs to foreign markets and their success there is more difficult compared to Czech markets. It is important to research and analyse the entry condition for foreign markets regardless the form of access and cooperation. The researches include a territorial survey, business-political survey, consumer research, survey the competition etc. Underestimating the preparatory stage may lead to very high risk that is a cause of a crisis that could lead to business disappearance.  That's why they preventive measures to identify risk factors are important. Small enterprises tend to vote for a form of cooperation with foreign partners, mostly based on supplier and customer relations. However, it also depends on many factors, mainly on commercial policy conditions. Also, there are barriers to entry into foreign markets, including language barriers, not finding a suitable partner, distribution difficulties and other.


SME; access barriers; foreign markets

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