Logistic tasks and their assurance in different industries
Petr Válek, Drahoš Vaněček

Language: en
Last modified: 2016-01-15


The purpose of this article was to find out who organizes and manages logistic activities in the enterprise. Starting in 2015, this pilot project is followed by detailed investigation concerning management of supply chains. The article is based on a questionnaire surveys of 63 enterprises from different branches of national economy: engineering, food processing industry, production of goods for households and building industry.

The survey indicated that in engineering enterprises logistic activities are first of all the task of logistic formations, in other enterprises this is solved differently, without any substantial tendency. Management of logistic activities by means of a specialized logistic formation makes possible for management of the enterprise to concentrate more on strategic tasks instead of solving operational tasks.


Logistic operations; logistic formation; management; industry

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